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Find Gigs

Search for specific gigs & venues on your artists dashboard


Apply to your preferred gig and send in details to the venue


Find Artists

Choose the artists you want to play at your venue by viewing profiles

Post a Gig

Post your upcoming events on your venue dashboard with requirements

For Artists

GigBound allows local artists to connect with live music venues and offer top of the line talent at great prices

Create an Artist Profile

Create a profile with specific requirements. Apply to venues and manage bookings

Connect with Venues

GigBound connects you with live venues and allows them to seamlessly book your services

Build a Community

Build an audience by connecting fans through curated content and attendances at live gigs

For Venues

GigBound is a venues new easy-to-use artist management system

Register a Venue Profile

Create a profile with preferences (genre, size, price) and find local bands near you

Curated for All Needs

All venue social media, promotions, calendars and messaging on one simple platform

Book within Minutes

Find artists fingertips away and cover any last minute cancellations


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